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extensions to extend extensions - Am I on the right way?

extensions to extend extensions - Am I on the right way?

Thursday 28 June 2007 2:47:58 pm - 2 replies


I want to modify the behavior of the ezwebin extension. For example, I don't want the image upload in the user/register dialog, and I don't like some of the translations, which I want to replace by different ones...

I would like to avoid putting my modifications inside this extension, because I fell it will make it too difficult to keep up with further releases.

I thought that the least intrusive and best way would be to write another extension that also for example defines a user/register.tpl, its translations etc..., and that replaces those of the ezwebin extension.

I don't know if it is possible to 'extend' an extension through another extension this way.

Any hints or tips would be great!

Thanks in advance,

Thursday 28 June 2007 3:54:44 pm

yes it is, but you have to make sure that 'your_extension' is before ezwebin in the ActiveExtensions list in override/site.ini

But for overriding the design elements you should have a 'your_design' and define it as the primary design in your frontpage siteaccesses site.ini.

Thursday 28 June 2007 4:20:40 pm

Hi André,

your advise to modify the include order of the extensions in the settings/override/site.ini.append.php worked immediately and made my day!

Thanks a lot,



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