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eZ Approve 2 ... eZ Approve 3 ?

eZ Approve 2 ... eZ Approve 3 ?

Thursday 21 October 2010 6:14:57 pm - 4 replies

Hello Heath, hello ez community,

Following our recent conversation about eZ Approve 2, I have installed the extension on my Ezp4, and it was successfull, I'm quite happy.

However, my needs are not totally "satisfied", then I inspected the ezapprove2 code, and I would feel comfortable to improve ezapprove2 to... ezapprove3 (why not!) with some new features.

I think I will work on this new code within the next few weeks. I don't have any SVN repository or whatever... who could I send the new package, to make accessible for more people if interested ?


Thursday 21 October 2010 6:42:44 pm


Just create a new to store and distribute your new extension.

For some reason (after years of neglect) I doubt that

eZ Systems will want to participate in your endeavors.

Please only increment minor version numbers

would be my suggestion. No need to jump

major version numbers like Microsoft.



Thursday 21 October 2010 7:00:24 pm

Hi Samuel,

This is a good idea, which for sure will be beneficial to the whole rest of the community. Also, a few more people may be interested in joining. I could see you also posted on the project's forum directly, thanks for this.

How about requesting membership on the project, there : ?

Once this is done, we could safely start a few discussions around the topic, which i know still is a hot one, after years of existence.

Cheers !

EDIT : i can see there was an initiative there : . Something to take inspiration from, and/or collaborate with i think.

Modified on Thursday 21 October 2010 7:06:42 pm by Nicolas Pastorino

Thursday 21 October 2010 7:33:20 pm

If you going to merge in improvements then please source from this authors improved version of ezapprove2 ...




Thursday 02 December 2010 8:12:09 am

Any progress on this? We have found ezapprove2 to be useful but after upgrading websites from eZ Publish 4.2 to 4.3 have found that it no longer sends out approval notifications.

If any improvements have been made to ezapprove2 we'd be happy to test them happy.gif Emoticon


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