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eZ Booking

Monday 29 March 2010 5:10:03 pm - 11 replies

I'm thinking of making a booking system for restaurants. By that I mean a system where guest can book locations or tables defined by date etc.

Is there anyone else looking for this feature or maybe someone already started? I've got a few friends that I'm talking to so when we start it might not take that long to finish the project.

Tuesday 30 March 2010 11:00:22 am

I don't think I've seen anything like this released yet.

I'm not looking for such a feature personally, but it's a great idea, and it could really be useful.

Tuesday 30 March 2010 1:37:52 pm

Yeah, I think it's one feature making hotels/restaurants get closer to ez. Well. We'll see if I can do anything good about it.

Wednesday 31 March 2010 9:52:56 am

I think it'd be a great idea Arash. Over the years I've been asked for this a few times.

I know it has been proposed before, but never seems to have got off the ground.

I'd certainly be interested in being involved.

Paul Bolger

Modified on Wednesday 31 March 2010 9:53:29 am by paul bolger

Thursday 01 April 2010 6:26:31 pm

So what are the fetures you'd like to have?

What we are doing right now is just the possebility to book rooms. After that we will go on maiking it possible to choose from a list of foods (and send out an order to the main chef on foods that need to be ordered) and to the one in charge of buying alcohol (what wines and amount that is needed). After that I think the booking of single tables in a room will be added.

When that is done I'm thinking of making a flash file where the guests can make a map over how they whant the seating to be.

I think it could work well with hotel bookings as well and with several locations.

Hm, but as I'm not a good programmer, it probably will take some time since it's easter and everythinghappy.gif Emoticon. I'm hoping on my friends to quckly study how ez functions so I can get their helphappy.gif Emoticon


Thursday 01 April 2010 9:02:28 pm

You guys should start a new project on !

Now for the ideas... I'd would say this would need to be made as open as possible.
Without further thinking, it seems to me that a datatype would be a good basis, along with a few persistent objects dedicated to storing booking data.
Each place available for booking would then be a content object with standard informations (pictures, text, etc), and some sort of booking attribute that would be used to automatically show the booking interface.

Regarding the open approach, it seems mandatory to me since this most likely has to be adapted to very different situations. It is quite easy to re-use several mechanisms the extension API offers. For instance, custom triggers could be implemented around the standard actions (book, etc) so that any custom process can be hooked there. The template engine is the perfect tool for graphical customization, especially if the templates have been carefully organized. Good CSS naming would also make it very easy.

Tuesday 06 April 2010 2:07:12 pm


I'm looking for a similar system, so i'm posting it here, but maybe it should be in it's own project.

- Should be possible to set when the product/room etc is available, and when it is booked (in a calendar?)
- A discount system that makes it possible to add discount to a product or productgroup within a period of time. For campaigns etc. this would be useful to hotels and simular things...
- Criterias for the price. Maybe something should cost more if it is a weekend or something like that.

Modified on Tuesday 06 April 2010 2:45:10 pm by Håvard Bergersen

Thursday 18 October 2012 7:02:45 pm


I'm looking for a similar system for booking sports therapy that can handle:-

  1. hourly booking with a fifteen minute lead time between appointments
  2. multiple therapists
  3. therapist profiles
  4. availability calendar for therapists by day
  5. surgery and home appointments

any developers out there that can do this?

Thursday 01 November 2012 2:28:46 am

Doesn't look like this project ever took off, but I wanted to check up and see. I didn't see anything here:

or in github, but I'm currently working on a watered down reservation / booking system for a project. If anyone has any thoughts or insight to anything existing, I would be interested in hearing about.


Tuesday 25 December 2012 4:23:35 pm

I also was looking for something like this !

Maybe we can start doing something.


This extension can be extremely helpful as I have not seen any booking system in ezPublish yet !

Friday 29 March 2013 1:53:47 pm

I'm still looking for this too

crowdfunding project maybe?

Sunday 26 May 2013 4:59:39 pm


I'm ready to create a website for a hotel with booking reservations. I would like to create it with eZ Publish, however I don't find any extension! How is this possible? Does anyone has already done this?


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