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eZ Find - FieldsToReturn

eZ Find - FieldsToReturn

Monday 24 October 2011 4:36:54 pm - 4 replies

Hello everyone,

is there any way in eZ Find to fetch the values of couple of specific fields in Solr index?

I tried using FieldsToReturn parameter in eZSolr::search method, but it doesn't let me access the data because $searchResult['SearchExtras'] does not have a getter for "response" field in result array, only for "responseHeader", and result array in search extras is by itself protected so I cannot access it directly.


Wednesday 09 November 2011 4:46:59 pm

I've been facing this problem when calling eZ Find with asObject to false (for performance purpose). There is a loop ezsolr.php (around line 900) that removes every result that are not with prefix "meta" or "as" (for solr storage).

It means that if your FieldToReturn is a attribute it will not be return.

I would be tempted to make a pull request on this but I guess it's by design to remove attribute (don't know why thus ...).

Wednesday 09 November 2011 5:00:26 pm

Hey Matthieu,

yeah, I figured out that it returns only fields prefixed with "meta_" (forgot to update the post), which is a real shame because I needed this functionality couple of times to avoid the MySQL database completely.

I'd say go for it with pull request as I also don't see why this would be by design.

Thursday 16 February 2012 11:42:37 am

Pull request by Matthieu on the topic :

Please have a look at this !

Cheers and thanks Matthieu !

Thursday 16 February 2012 12:48:02 pm

Posted my comment on pull request.

Thanks for initiative Matthieu! happy.gif Emoticon


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