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error.log sendHTTPRequest

error.log sendHTTPRequest

Thursday 21 February 2008 3:46:57 pm - 8 replies

Hi, I have this error frequently in the ez error log file :

[ Jan 04 2008 16:01:54 ] [] eZSolr::sendHTTPRequest():
curl error: 7

Someone know what that mean ?



Friday 14 March 2008 4:51:34 pm


The eZ Find PHP code is not able to connect correctly to the java process. ( start.jar )

Monday 26 May 2008 2:25:36 pm


we have the same problem: eZSolr::sendHTTPRequest(): curl error: 7.

We have started on rhel 5 solr with these parameters:

-Dezfind -Xms512M -Xmx512M

My question is:

Is -Dezfind a valid parameter for the server?
I think it is not valid and it is one of the reason to get this error.
Maybe i'm wrong.

What is the correct way to run solr with EZ?

Friday 04 July 2008 9:32:05 am

I have the same problem too.
Did you find a solution ?



Tuesday 17 August 2010 2:33:59 pm

I had the same problem on one hosting. Seems it caused by missing Apache webserver (maybe lighttpd or else used).

Thursday 16 September 2010 10:46:58 am

I have exactly the same problem. did you find a solution ?

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Monday 06 June 2011 12:56:25 pm


you can try that :

if you have access of php.ini then make these parameters true
allow_url_fopen = On
allow_url_include = On

It worked for me (multicore configuration and solr on a separate server, hence http://192.168.1.x/solr/xxx_admin in solr.ini)


Monday 06 June 2011 11:10:42 pm

Please never, EVER, set allow_url_include = On in your php.ini.

There is no code in eZ that needs it. If there was, I'd just remove it and kick the developer.

And it isĀ  abig security hole.

Monday 06 June 2011 11:15:09 pm

@Ali: using -Dezfind is actually harmless: it is a parameter that is unused by the java process, but that you can use when you grep through the ouput of the ps command, to distinguish the java process running ezfind from other java processes.

If eZ Publish can not connect to Solr, the easy way to debug the problem is to connect to solr using a browser: http.//solr.server.address:8983/solr/admin. If the browser can connect, and eZ Publish can not, you should check the parameters in solr.ini in eZP to see if the address of the solr server is right. If it is, use a network sniffer, such as wireshark, to analyze the traffic between eZP and Solr


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