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eZ Find - bug in keyword facet?

eZ Find - bug in keyword facet?

Monday 16 July 2012 5:39:41 am


We've been looking at the default behaviour of eZ Find and I'm puzzling over some unexpected behaviour.

Our setup:

  • eZ Publish version: 2011.9
  • eZ Find version: 2.7.0-dev
  • solr version: 3.1.0

Using a fresh install of ezwebin with content and searching for 'ez' we get three facets for 'Keywords':

  • internationalization (1)
  • multiple sites (1)
  • siteaccess (1)

Clicking on either 'internationalization' or 'siteaccess' returns 1 search result each as expected. However, clicking on 'multiple sites' returns 9 search results! The correct result (the page /Getting-started/Adding-Siteaccesses-in-eZ-Publish) is at the top, and then there are 8 that do not have the 'multiple sites' keyword defined in their article/tags attribute. This behaviour seems odd to me. Is it a bug? Or is it possible that solr is not configured right (eZ Publish and eZ Find are set up straight out of the box)?


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