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ezfind and multiple installations

ezfind and multiple installations

Friday 07 November 2008 4:36:49 pm - 5 replies

I have a problem using ezfind on a multiple sites ez4.0.1
I have three differents sites on the same ez installation.
This is my ezfind.ini in ezfind extension

# Prepend site URL with http:// or https://
# Site index public available. For changes to take effect, the search
# index must be updated by running bin/php/updatesearchindex.php
# Search other installations

After updating all three indexations (php extension/ezfind/bin/php/updatesearchindexsolr.php -s <admin siteaccess>blunk.gif Emoticon, all the contents are indexed in all three sites.
for instance a word has 45 matches in all 3 admin design and all 45 can be listed and in the front of the first it says there are 45 matches but is showing the ones related to the siteaccess (10 for one, 17 for the second and 18 for the third)..

So it's searching in other intallations whereas the variable SearchOtherInstallations is disabled...

What am i doing wrong in the process, couldn't find anything about it on the forum?



Monday 10 November 2008 11:17:14 am


The only solution i see is to duplicate the java process, one per site, and the data/index folder to separate the search results... but it will be greedy and somehow not very nice.

It seems like there's something obvious that I did wrong but i don't know what..

Thank you

Friday 23 January 2009 11:18:40 am

I've got the same question - is there any documentation for this? If there is, I'm not finding it.

Friday 23 January 2009 2:34:07 pm

Never mind. One of the sites that I was trying to index was running ezfind 1.0 - which saves its index files to the local data dir instead of /srv/solr. I upgraded to ezfind 2.0 and it works as expected.

Wednesday 25 March 2009 12:26:55 pm

I had given up for a while the use of eZFind and now that i'm back on it (eZFind2.0), I still have the same problem..
Ok the index are located in /srv/solr but it makes no difference, in my indexes, I have results from site1 when I do a search in site2, if for a search I have 5 results (apparently site1 + site2..), it's written You have 5 results to your search but It shows just the ones on the site1 if I'm on site1. And I have the same thing happening in the admin panel, it shows the 5 differents results but is unable to render the url_alias for the occurence that are outside my site.
I have 20 sites (admin + front) on the same instanciation of eZ and just tried on two sites and i just can't use it that way.. Even if in solrconfig.xml i can change the location, it doesn't seem possible to set multiples index emplacement, does it?
So same question, what am i doing wrong?..

Wednesday 25 March 2009 3:23:37 pm

the answer was in mysql in the ezsite_data table... forgot to change the ezfind_site_id value sad.gif Emoticon

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