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eZFind and pdf indexing

eZFind and pdf indexing

Friday 19 September 2008 11:30:33 am - 1 reply


I've been trying to index pdf files using eZ4.0.1, eZfind and this binaryfile parser and it's working ok except for too large pdf files.

I tried it on a 2,7Mo pdf file (approx 140000 car) and I have no error messages in any log and my files is indexed until a certain point and then nothing (approx 66% of the words are taken care of).

Is there a limit (size, number of caracters, ...) in some conf file like solrconfig.xml but i quite not understand everything in it and don't want to mess with it ...

Is there anybody out there with the same problem?

Thanks a lot


Friday 19 September 2008 12:54:56 pm

PS : In the ezbinaryparser.php, i've removed this line :

//               $sData = substr($sData, 0, $iCharacterLimit);

so that i don't have a partial index for my file during the original upload.


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