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eZFind faceting on Content Object Relations?

eZFind faceting on Content Object Relations?

Friday 10 August 2012 10:46:45 pm - 1 reply

This is more or less directed towards Paul Borgermans, but if you have an answer feel free to reply. happy.gif Emoticon
We were thinking about using eZFind faceting on a certain class. That class would contain a content object relations attribute. Thus, that attribute would contain other objects and we'd use the faceting on attributes of those objects. Usually that object would only contain two attributes (name, and facet_checkbox1). But could contain 'many' checkboxes.

Would this approach work for faceting/drill-down navigation? This is also a response to your previous post concerning eZFind's capabilities with content object relations. (see

If so, would the level of effort be as high (or higher) as Paul explained in his post for creating a new datatype for eZFind to handle?

If this is supported, which version did it begin to be supported?


Wednesday 15 August 2012 9:02:30 pm

Some clarification: We're also going to use faceting on the related objects by their name in addition to possibly some checkboxes.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Thanks for any/all that can reply.


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