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eZFind Indexing of array of CustomDataTypes

eZFind Indexing of array of CustomDataTypes

Thursday 13 March 2014 12:00:13 pm - 1 reply


I do not know how to really set the indexing of an array of a customdatatype has to be set up.

My ez_class "product" has an attribute "variants". "variants" is an array of "ProductVariants". Every ProductVariant has a set of membervariables I need to index. But they still need to be linked to the Product so when I have a ProductA with a ProductVariant with the color red and a second ProductVariant with the color white and I search for the color red it should return Product A. Also when I search for the color white.

If I var_dump $content->dataMap()['variants']->attribute('content') of Product A. It returns


0 => object ProductVariant...

1 => object ProductVariant...

I have created an own datatype handler for this based on ezfSolrDocumentFieldBase. With this I can handle a ProductVariant. But how can I array of them?

public static $subattributesDefinition = array(
        self:big-smile.gif EmoticonEFAULT_SUBATTRIBUTE => 'text',
        'color' => 'text',
        'material' => 'text',
        'product_code' => 'text',
        'ean_code' => 'text',

getData() which returns an array like above with $content->dataMap()['variants']->attribute('content')[0] would work, but I must index all of $content->dataMap()['variants']->attribute('content') elements. Iterating over the array with foreach and returning


1 => subattributesDefinition array

2 => subattributesDefinition array


This would return "Failed indexing product object with ID 12345" when I run updatesearchindexsolr.php.

What do I have to do to index such an array?

Best Regars,


Friday 25 April 2014 5:17:48 pm

Hi Christian, have you tried using ezfIndexPlugin custom plugins ?

You could have one that run a piece of code that adds custom fields for you "Product" type.

Then customising search to have it look in those fields as well


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