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eZFind Live Examples

eZFind Live Examples

Thursday 03 February 2011 3:21:26 pm - 6 replies

I thought I saw a thread on here at some point about sites that are using eZFind in a production environment, but I'm unable to find it. Would love to see some examples of how some of you are using eZFind. If you've implemented eZFind on a live website and want to share it, post it here...


Thursday 03 February 2011 4:13:36 pm

Here are a few North American examples that I can think of: is the only one on that list that we're responsible for. We have a few others in development, so we can add to that list in a few months. At the moment, a lot of eZ Find usage is behind the scenes, making use of ezfind fetch functions for efficiency purposes.

Friday 04 February 2011 4:22:50 pm

Thanks as always always come through. happy.gif Emoticon

I'll take a look at those

Saturday 05 February 2011 5:17:15 pm

This two sites:

use the same instance of eZ Find Solr server that's been setup in a shared virtual host environment with no root access. No much functionality to see on the sites, but a tutorial about setting this up is coming soon.

Saturday 05 February 2011 7:22:40 pm

Websites with complex eZ Find / Solr customization (solr sharing, multi core, faceting, external datas, custom datatype mapping, geosearch, hidden features like web services & iphone REST requests...) :

It could be a good idea to collect all live exemples for ezfind, ezflow & others lead ezpublish extensions...

Monday 16 July 2012 6:05:10 am

Here's another one, much more simple than the above examples:

Friday 13 March 2015 11:47:10 am

And another that we did a couple of years ago:


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