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Facet Query

Facet Query

Saturday 17 December 2011 12:41:41 am

I am trying to build a custom facet query and have hit a roadblock. I am attempting to pull a certain author out into his own facet.  The primary facet shows all the other authors in buckets (a-c, d-f, etc...) and I want to make an author name into a bucket. So, along with the facet.field for my buckets I am sending a facet.query 

 attr_authors_s:"John Doe"

The problem is that the double quotes get escaped and are then sent to solr escaped ( attr_authors_s:"\John \Doe" ). When I test my query directly in the solr admin it works great, however it fails when using ezfind (because the quotes are escaped).

Any ideas?

My full facet hash:

'field', 'attr_authors_s_facetLetterGroup', 
'query', 'attr_authors_s:"John Doe"', 
'sort', 'alpha', 

Modified on Monday 19 December 2011 3:45:45 pm by Tyler Harms

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