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Grouping with ezFind

Grouping with ezFind

Friday 05 November 2010 11:33:13 am - 8 replies

Is there a way to have ezfind group all results based on the different filtered queries.

say i would like to filter based on article/title and product/name

I would like to have ezfind return a list first of all articles with a title matching my query in an array.

The next array woud contain thos products which have the same name as in the query.

I realized that facets could probably help me out, but i am not looking for a drill down search , this should only be metadriven on the website, not as an interactive search by the end user.

Hope you are able to provide me with an example on how to do such grouping.

Today i currently execut a filtered search for each of the classes i would like to match the query with, and this is probably not the most efficient i guess.

Friday 05 November 2010 12:46:25 pm

AFAIK there is no grouping in search results.

But you have boosting options. You can boost article class which will result in article objects showing up before product. Boosting per class is done in ezfind.ini

Friday 05 November 2010 1:22:30 pm

Forgot to mention that you will need to reindex all content after ezfind.ini changes...

Friday 05 November 2010 1:56:37 pm

FYI grouping or field collapsing has just been commited to Solr trunk. See :

I should be part of next release and I hope bundled with next eZ Find release happy.gif Emoticon


Friday 05 November 2010 2:27:45 pm

Thanks for the answers Ivo and Matthieu.

Probably will have to go with doing separate searches for now.

It will indeed be awesome when fieldCollapsing makes it to eZ Find.

Saturday 06 November 2010 12:53:06 am

It will soon, I'll take care of it happy.gif Emoticon .... grouping (user terminology) / fieldCollapsing(technical) is another way of presenting users with more navigation options (resembles facets in a way).



Monday 08 November 2010 9:17:34 am

Cool ! Thank you Paul !

Thursday 07 June 2012 2:45:59 pm

This is possibly fixed in this pull request:

Monday 14 January 2013 1:46:37 pm

Hi everyone,

Very interesting feature.

What ezp version is needed to make this ezfind "with grouping" work ?



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