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index protected content

index protected content

Tuesday 05 January 2010 4:03:23 pm - 1 reply


It's possible to index external (ezpublish) sites that have protected content? It seems strange, but in my case it's not, I want that some protected content is indexed and apear in the result search to invite poeple to buy the access to this protected information.

Is this possible via ezfind/lucene?


Tuesday 05 January 2010 11:54:10 pm


The good news: yes, the bad news: it is not so obvious with eZ Find 2.1

The main point is that you need to be able to reach the external Solr instance from your other sites. If on different networks, you may need to set up some firewalled config and possibly a ssl tunnel or so.

The scenario to be followed is:

1) Index your "external" site with its own eZ Find/Solr instance

2) Use the rawsolrrequest template fetch function to access this instance directly from your other ez publish site, feeding it the same keywords for searching. You need to look up how to Solr request parameters are expected

I plan to add functionality in the coming weeks to search across "shards", in other words you will be able to simultaneously search across different indexes from eZ Find 2.2.

If you want to display images too, you will need some more work in order to assemble correct URL's and so, but feasible in any case.

Can you detail a bit more on your setup and possible constraints?



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