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Indexing foreign data in Solr for use with eZ Find

Indexing foreign data in Solr for use with eZ Find

Monday 06 May 2013 1:44:01 pm - 2 replies


I'm looking to index some foreign data in Solr and fetch it using eZFind, but I'm struggling to find resources on this topic. Can anyone point me to some articles/projects/tutorials/docs for this?


Monday 06 May 2013 2:54:38 pm

You can look at Apache Nutch. It's a web crawler integrated with Solr.

I have not used it with eZ Find yet, but if you manage to do so, I will be interested to get your feedback.


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Monday 06 May 2013 9:58:14 pm

its perfectly possible to use solr/ezfind to query foreign data, but this is actually a wide topic.

1) setup a dedicated solr core with a custom schema.xml (adjust to match your foreign data source, this can be a bit tricky to do it right. Use dynamic fields like *_s and simple field-types to get started)

2) Decide what method fits best to index you foreign data:

  • Solr supports many data-formats like xml, json, csv
  • use the /update handler to add documents via http post requests
  • Use the post.jar (?) binary to add documents
  • have a look at dataImportHandler (actually you can do anything with it, extract data from databases, webservices, large and complex xml files....)

3) To "fetch" data from the non-ez core you have to do raw requests to solr, probably you may want to write some convenience template operators


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