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Mulitiple sort_by fields

Mulitiple sort_by fields

Tuesday 14 June 2011 11:00:54 am - 4 replies

According to the documentation, I can use multiple sort_by fields:

<span class="line">fetch( ezfind, search, hash( query, 'eZ Systems', sort_by,</span>
<span class="line">hash( class_name, asc, published, desc ) ) )</span>

But if I use 'sort_by', hash(  'score', 'desc' ) - it works as expected,

and 'sort_by', hash( 'published', 'desc' ) - also works as expected,


'sort_by', hash(  'score', 'desc', 'published', 'desc' ),

Sorts by score for me but the published dates are seemingly random.

Does this work for other people (version 2.3), am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Modified on Tuesday 14 June 2011 11:02:13 am by Steven E Bailey

Wednesday 10 August 2011 9:55:34 am


Wednesday 10 August 2011 1:30:06 pm

Added an issue:

Monday 15 August 2011 2:27:43 pm

Hi Steven


As I commented in the issue tracker, this is actually not a bug: sorting is done by Solr, and trying to use anything else as a second scoring option will likely fail. The score is a float when Solr computes it, and the likelihood that two values in the result list will be identical is very small.

But I have the feeling you want to do something else: boost more recent documents perhaps?




Monday 15 August 2011 5:43:19 pm

Yeah I figured as much as far as a bug goes - it really working as expected although it's always going to have the weird effect when sorting with score and something else.

I don't think boosting will help - all that will do is change the score, right?  It's really only that a customer noticed because they wanted a list of documents by score and then noticed the dates were random and asked if we could sort by date too.  Maybe a caveat should be added to the documentation where it describes how to sort by multiple parameters.

I suppose there's no way to trick solr into storing the score as a int when indexing?

I just googled this and came up a bunch of people asking the same thing for solr going back until 2008 with no good asnwers.

You may as well close the bug and call it a feature.  Although it would be nice to document it somewhere other than here.




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