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object relations & eZ Find 2.1

object relations & eZ Find 2.1

Friday 08 October 2010 1:26:29 am - 5 replies

Hi everyone,
I have the following folder structure in my current project.

Category Structure
--Business & Economics [B001]
----Green Business [B002]
----Development [B003]
----General [B004]

The folders marked with the [B00 ...] numbers are reverse related to one of more objects of the same custom content class (product).

The products have an attribute called 'categories' which is a object relations.

When I tried to do a subcategory search using ezfind and subtree limitations I wasn't able to get any results e.g. the reverse related objects. (If anyone has a clue why that'd be great too)

Now I'm trying to get the search results by approaching it all from 'the other end' using a filtered search in the same way mentioned in the last comment here:

In my case this looks something like this:

fetch( ezfind, search, hash( query, 'World', subtree_array, array( 93 ),
'filter', array( 'or',
array( 'product/categories:Business & Economics \[B001\]')
array( 'product/categories:Green Business \[B002\]')
array( 'product/categoriesbig-smile.gif Emoticonevelopment \[B003\]')
array( 'product/categories:General \[B004\]')

This search actually returns me any products located in the sub category folders,
however it also returns other products that belong to a category that shares a similar name.

For example I would get products shown that belong to the category 'Childhood Development [C021]' or 'Green Living [G033]'.

If I understand this correctly is seems like ezfind/Solr is tokenizing the names of the categories
for indexing/searching which results in false positives beind returned.

I then tried the following modification, encapsulating the whole category name in double quotes:

fetch( ezfind, search, hash( query, 'World', subtree_array, array( 93 ),
'filter', array( 'or',
array( 'product/categories:"Business & Economics [B001]"')
array( 'product/categories:"Green Business [B002]"')
array( 'product/categories:"Development [B003]"')
array( 'product/categories:"General [B004]"')

This however results in nothing being returned at all. I'm not sure why, since these would be
exact matches on the category names.

From what I can see it seems to be that the tokenizing of the category names is what I need to fix to
get this working correctly, but I have run out of ideas of where to look for configuration.

I've tried different settings for DatatypeMap[ezobjectrelationlist]=string in ezfind.ini
and re-indexing with --clean afterwards, but none of that seems to make a change in terms of my search results.

Any pointers/ideas in regards to this would be much appreciated.

I'm using eZ Publish 4.2.0 and eZ Find 2.1 btw.

Kind regards,

Modified on Sunday 17 October 2010 8:16:01 pm by Nicolas Pastorino

Monday 25 October 2010 1:00:08 am


for ez find correctly dealing with object relation list is quite a challenge conceptually if taking into account various use cases (subattribute filtering for example).

I am working on a dedicated datatype handler that should suit your use case, stay tuned (or contact me directly for more info for the ongoing work)

Best regards


Modified on Monday 25 October 2010 1:01:11 am by Paul Borgermans

Monday 25 October 2010 1:19:58 pm


Currently i have a similar case with eZ Find 2.2 in handling relation object list. Certainly your handler will be welcome.

Tuesday 26 October 2010 8:00:10 pm

Hi Paul,

thanks for the reply. It's great to hear that you're working on a handler to address this kind of use case, it is very much appreciated.

I'm sure such a handler would come in very useful for a lot of other people as well.

Thanks again,


Tuesday 26 October 2010 9:17:10 pm

You could try to code your own PHP Class, using this code exemple :

Wednesday 31 August 2011 5:17:01 pm

What is the status on this?


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