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SolrR requirements and setup : big picture needed

SolrR requirements and setup : big picture needed

Wednesday 23 April 2014 5:53:24 pm - 7 replies

Hi all,

I was wondering about how to easily install SolR on a server and I'm a bit puzzled with the various doc available on confluence and within the ezfind repository itself.

First, about the JRE : in the latest eZFind online documentation, there's no mention of a required java flavour (OpenJDK vs GNU vs Sun) but repository's specifically says a proprietary SUN should be used. As of SolR itself, latest doc says any flavour can be used. I know for a fact that the packaged SolR used to be incompatible with OpenJDK (I can't say which versions though) but I recently found out it might no longer be the case. How come ? What is/was incompatible ? Is/was it related to SolR itself or to eZFind config ?

Then about SolR itself : eZFind's documentation explain how to launch packaged Jetty/SolR server but says it is possible to use a linux distributed version. I found no detailed process for configuring such an installation, only a mention that you only have to copy packaged solrconfig et schema xml files.

But then, what about the ezpublish query handler ? Apparently, it is bundled inside packaged SolR but can be compiled and (maybe ?) integrated to an existing solr installation. What does it do ? Is it necessary ? If so, how can it be added to an existing solr ?

Thanks for your help, got to rest my mind now.

Wednesday 23 April 2014 6:13:46 pm

about requirements: this is not official information but iirc:

- ezfind used to bundle a custom build of solr

- this is no longer the case

- since this is no longer the case, you should be able to use the solr requirements documents

- unless you have a support contract with eZ, in which case ask support

- the best way to install on a different appserver is (or at least was) to unzip the jar file from ezfind and dump it in. It is not to take a vanilla solr

Thursday 24 April 2014 12:21:53 pm

Hi Gaetano,

thanks for your reply but you're a bit contradictory, aren't you ?

If I'm not mistaken, you're saying bundled solR is no longer custom but it should nevertheless be used rather than a standard distribution ? Why is that ?

By "custom build of solr", do you refer to the query handler ? Is it no longer necessary ?

Sunday 27 April 2014 1:52:07 am

Maybe incomplete, but not contradictory.

"custom builds of solr" = builds done with solr code from the upstream git/svn on a different revision than the revision used to compile the official build, and/or with some patches added which where not in the official build.

"bundled solr should be used" = to avoid wasting time

afaik the "ezpublish" query handler uses the java class solr.DisMaxRequestHandler, which is not custom but part of solr. The custom "ezfind" query handler is only used to store elevation configuration

Monday 28 April 2014 9:15:08 am

Thanks, that's a bit clearer happy.gif Emoticon

So, to sum it up :

  • bundled solr is now identical to the official build but preconfigured which would mean that ezfind does in fact work with any flavour of JRE
  • configuration can be copied to any distributed solr installation, query handler included
  • elevation however requires a custom java module

Which leads to the following questions :

  • Exactly what configuration files/bits should be added to an official solr?
  • Can the elevation module be added to a precompiled solr, and how?

Wednesday 07 May 2014 10:57:57 am

Regarding on how to run Solr, we use tomcat for few years now. What you basically need is to  add a configuration file in the Catalina folder and that should work. You have some details here:

Friday 09 May 2014 12:30:07 pm

A few more answers:

  1. JRE

    You can use the Oracle or OpenJDK versions of the JRE, with the upcoming 5.3 release (and latest community builds), version 1.7/7 is required though

  2. You can copy the solr configuration ( currently in ../ezfind/java/solr/ezp-default/conf), it should work with the corresponding Solr release (currently 4.7.0)
  3. elevation has its own .jar file to be copied in the Solr LIB path from ../ezfind/java/solr/lib/ezsystems-ezfind-solr-extension-solr-4.7.0.jar into your precompiled distribution of Solr, provided it has the same version



Friday 09 May 2014 2:44:45 pm

Hi Ivo and Paul,

thanks for your answers it's a bit clearer now.

Is there a ezfind version to solr version table anywhere ?


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