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Some objects cannot be found (eZ Find 2.0.0 alpha)

Some objects cannot be found (eZ Find 2.0.0 alpha)

Monday 17 November 2008 2:44:41 pm - 3 replies

Yesterday I upgraded to eZP 4.0.1 (from 3.10.1) and consequently from the Lucene hack to eZ Find 2.0alpha. Everything looks very stable (in contrast to the previous Lucene extension). However, some objects don't appear in the search result.

I noticed with several objects from a custom class: other objects of the same class in the same folder (and in other folder) are found, but some are not. As of yet, I haven't been able to find a common trait between the objects, except maybe that they are relatively old. However, the database integrity has been verified and all empty/deleted "owner" attributes have been set to a standard user.

At first I thought it was an indexing problem, but after hacking <i>updatesearchindexsolr.php</i> it looks as if the object is indexed correctly. Any thoughts?

Modified on Monday 17 November 2008 2:45:05 pm by Peter Putzer

Wednesday 26 November 2008 8:06:40 pm

Not really an idea of what is happening, is your data properly in UTF-8?

Best regards

Wednesday 03 December 2008 9:24:01 am

Yeah, the data should be fine. The really strange thing is, now after a few days, it works. All objects are found. After updating the index, is there some (lengthy) background task running in Solr? I can't really explain it by any other means.


Friday 05 December 2008 10:16:10 pm

OK, the commits weren't done instantly, and yes, Solr (the backend engine) does this after a time lapse automatically

The defaults will be changed so every update of an object is committed immediately unless you configure it otherwise (through a dedicated cron for example)

Thanks for using and reporting on eZ Find


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