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EZ Flow Frontpage shows two different versions both published at the same time

EZ Flow Frontpage shows two different versions both published at the same time

Tuesday 18 September 2012 2:17:08 am - 3 replies

I must be wrong but Im possitive this is making the system unstable. We dont know how we got there, we simply began to have some overload and noticed this.

We have two different versions published of the same Frontpage at the same time. I have two versions of the same Frontpage, both appear in Version Manager as published. So I am un able to remove them.

How can I remove the older one? Remove it, clean it, delete it? I have removed caches thru the interface, directly on cache folder... etc. etc. cant make it go. I am unable to load an image here but I have a snapshot.



Thursday 20 September 2012 5:39:24 pm

I assume you can fix this only directly inside your database; I never had this problem, but I think you have a wrong value inside your ezcontentobject_version table. Try to find all records in this table for the object id of the frontpage in question, and check the versions. There should be only one version(row) that has value 1 in the status column. If there are more, you can directly pass one(or more) of them to status archived(changing status value to 3), leaving only one in status published. Be sure you carefully examine the related rows first according to the version id (I assume it's clear that the bigger id means the later version). After you do this change, you should see the two versions normal in your ezp admin - one of them 'published', and the other 'archived' - and you should be able to remove the archived version normally.

I have no idea how did you came upon this situation, maybe something happened during edition of that frontpage and it interrupted the system, preventing it from putting old version to status archived.

Hope this helps.


Wednesday 26 September 2012 9:22:00 pm

Denits. Thank you so much. That is what I was looking for. to Edit the DB directly and remove this. Thank you so much This defenitley worked.


And I dont understand how we got here!

Monday 01 October 2012 2:07:04 pm

I'm glad it helped! happy.gif Emoticon

I've heard it might also happen with attributes, and one attribute to have 2 versions published at the same time, in which case in admin preview are displayed twice the attribute in question, but the attribute itself cannot be changed value with content/edit of the object; and is also not clear why it happens. Important thing is, it's fixable happy.gif Emoticon




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