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eZ Flow : loosing randomly $block.fetch_params

eZ Flow : loosing randomly $block.fetch_params

Monday 08 October 2012 10:00:28 am - 3 replies


In many block template we get some fetch eZ Flow parameters as :

{def $fetch_params= $block.fetch_params|unserialize}

{def $foo = $fetch_params.Foo}    

Randomly at front-office, fetch params are not defined.

Could this incident be related to a conflict during cache regeneration? Several processes seem to trigger these cache regeneration:

  • ezflow cronjob every minute
  • workflow trigger on content / publish / after, content / delete / after to clean eZ Flow blocks
  • Cronjob ezflowclean triggered every 20 minutes

We are using eZ Community 2012.1

Monday 08 October 2012 10:55:11 am

We just catch an error in logs :

Cannot retrieve attribute of a NULL

for this code

{if $block.fetch_params} 

It seems that $block is randomly NULL ...

Monday 08 October 2012 6:35:20 pm

Not sure if it can help but : fetch_params is a static attribute of an eZFlowBlock object. So if it's null in your template, then there's a lot of chance that it is also null in the database... meaning that something has updated the records in the ezm_block table. Have you tried to disable ezflow cronjobs ? one by one ? both at the same time ? Got good results ?

Wednesday 24 October 2012 9:04:44 am

This incident occurs on the production environment.

In the task list, we set an execution every minute of ezflow "cron" by siteaccess.
We have to remove all these calls and just set an ezflow cron unspecifying siteaccess.

This update seems to have resolved the problem.

We set an execution by cron ezflow siteccess to avoid French content up into blocks of ezflow english pages (and vice versa).

We found another way to avoid this other problem.


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