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Added items never leave the queue

Added items never leave the queue

Wednesday 08 February 2012 11:20:58 pm - 2 replies

When I add items to the ez Flow queue, they never go Online. They are always in the 'waiting' state, and they do not become valid nodes. Anyone have ideas about what might be happening?

Modified on Wednesday 08 February 2012 11:39:41 pm by Benjamin Bertrand

Thursday 09 February 2012 9:20:17 am

What version of ezflow are you using?  I remember this happening to me once and I fixed it by upgrading...

The other thing to look at, is the ezflowupdate cronjob running?  You may want to run that from the command line to see if it fixes and/or if it spews errors for some reason.

Thursday 09 February 2012 4:24:17 pm

It's eZ Flow 2.2.0, and I tried the runcronjobs.php, and there are none configured.!/emodric/status/167518036109176832

A colleague posted this question to Twitter, and it worked! 

I deleted the dynamic block that was causing problems. Then I clicked "Send for publishing". Next, go back and edit the Frontpage. Then re-add the same block, and populate it with a couple items. Click "Send for publishing." They will now appear!

Thank you


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