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browsing for items should display the current object language

browsing for items should display the current object language

Thursday 04 February 2010 10:06:52 pm

Hi all,

I have a problem with not easily being able to add a language specific content to my eZFlow-blocks.

Let's say I'm in my admin interface, which is in english, and I want to edit the norweigan version of the frontpage.

I want to add a couple of norweigan translated articles to a block.

I get to content/browse, now - since my current siteaccess language is english the node names are in english.

How would I know if they have been translated into norweigan or not?

Anyone else been into this? Any solutions or workarounds?

It's probably not a bug but it is not a very neat feature blunk.gif Emoticon

Edit: I've tested it on eZ Publish 4.0.6 and eZ Flow 1.0 as well as eZ Publish 4.2 and eZ Flow 2.0

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