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Control the order of items in manual blocks

Control the order of items in manual blocks

Monday 07 June 2010 10:24:30 am - 5 replies

Hi, there!

I've been using this great extension for a long time. However, during the process of improving frontpage objects with layout attributes in my projects, I've got the necessity to control the order of valid nodes added in the ezflow blocks ( both manual and dynamic ). Is that possible? About dynamic blocks probably a new fetch function might be added, but I'm not quire sure how exactly to do this. As far as to the manual blocks, when a number of valid nodes had been added, the system interprets such blocks as stacks in which the last added item is first published. Is there any way to change this order? I'll appreciate any help and advices!

Best regards,


Monday 07 June 2010 3:56:07 pm

Which eZ Flow version do you use? In latest eZ Flow version you can change order in manual blocks using drag and drop functionality (in the frontpage edit mode). This relates to both valid nodes and items in the queue. When it comes to the dynamic blocks you have to change fetching options on the PHP level. Take a look how it is done in the extension/ezflow/classes/fetches/ezflowlatestcontent.php or in extension/ezflow/classes/fetches/ezflowlatestobjects.php

Modified on Monday 07 June 2010 3:57:51 pm by Łukasz Serwatka

Monday 27 September 2010 10:47:32 am

In fact, the drop & drop does not work. After you drag & drop the items and publish the front-page, the order of items will be restored. Looks like, once you drag & drop the items, the ezflow will sort the items by the "show or display date/time", not by priority.

Monday 04 October 2010 9:25:42 am

Michael, have you did this?

can u please help me. I need to get this done with manual block

Monday 04 October 2010 11:47:11 am

Hi Romeo,

This issue has been fixed in ezflow 2.1 and 2.2, you can get it from, or you can install the eZ Publish 4.4 community release ( it includes the latest stable releases of all important extensions).

The eZ Publish 4.4 community edition can be downloaded at

Besides, you can also check for any known issues and if it's already fixed, you can get a patch to fix it or you will know in which revision of the code base, the issue has been fixed. For this case, please refer to

Good luck happy.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 05 October 2010 8:47:00 am

Michael , thanks a lot. I got u.


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