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Ez Flow for fast news display

Ez Flow for fast news display

Thursday 12 April 2012 4:55:43 am - 3 replies

Hi... Does anybody know how can I make a Dynamic Block grab information from multiple subfolders?


Or at least: how can I make a frontpage grab latest object "Article" no matter where it was pulbished in the site (any folder).



Thursday 12 April 2012 5:11:57 am


you have to code it. here is the method to achieve it :

  1. create an entry in a block.ini override in settings/ovverride/block.ini.append.php
  2. create a template in your design
  3. create a  entry in override.ini.append.php of your front siteaccess to link block.ini, template et ovveride.ini

more information here :

see you




Saturday 14 April 2012 5:06:22 pm

Thank Alex!!


I tried that long time ago but I was unable to make the Dynamic Block pull more than one source... is there a special notation for that to be achieved??

Tuesday 24 April 2012 11:23:40 am


In your block.ini where the block is located ManualAddingOfItems=enabled. If you want all kinds of content don't force it with allowedclasses, so you can add every content class type. And then the last thing you have to do is, fetch every thing back. Depending on how the classes are setup you should use condition airs or line views to get the right content back.

{foreach $block.valid_nodes as $list_item max $limit}
<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>{$}

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