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Ez flow to slow

Ez flow to slow

Tuesday 27 October 2009 3:54:47 pm - 2 replies


I install the ez flow with the content demo to see it before showing to client. But I have a problem, the main page takes 122 sec to be precessed:

Ez publish 4.2.0, ezflow with demo data
PHP 5.2.9
Mysql 5.0.77
Apache 2.0

The machine it's a server, and the database it's in another server.
Apache and Ez log, show nothing.

This is the debug ouput, any clue?

 Accumulator	 Elapsed	 Percent	 Count	 Average
Load cache	0.1416 sec
FindInputFiles	0.0149 sec	
Parse	0.0935 sec	
Save Cache	0.0196 sec	
Mysql Total				
Mysqli_queries	0.6863 sec	
Looping result	0.0094 sec	
Template Total	122.0595 sec	
Template load	0.3606 sec	
String conversion in template resource	0.0074 sec	
Template parser: create text elements	0.0518 sec	
Template parser: remove whitespace	0.0113 sec	
Template parser: construct tree	0.2335 sec	
Template load and register function	0.0223 sec	
Template processing	121.8354 sec	
state_id_array	0.0145 sec	
state_identifier_array	0.0083 sec	
Cache load	0.0928 sec	
Sytem overhead				
Fetch class attribute name	0.0060 sec	
Fetch class attribute can translate value	
Instantiating content class attribute	0.0008 sec
Image XML parsing	0.0100 sec	
String conversion	0.0070 sec
INI string conversion	0.0075 sec
String conversion w/ mbstring	0.0037 sec
dbfile	0.0053 sec	
Total script time:	125.1698 sec	

Modified on Tuesday 27 October 2009 3:58:15 pm by Pierre Tissot

Wednesday 28 October 2009 10:35:46 am

After analysing the fact that not all the pages were slow, only the "home", I figured out that the problem is with the layout "2 zones (layout 1)" so I change it to the "3 zones (layout 1)" the page is loaded in a decent time, anyone as this problem?

I even made another page and apply the same slow layout and the problem persist.


Wednesday 28 October 2009 10:40:31 am

Ignore the last reply, it's not the cause. still searching.


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