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ezFlow block override in function of "class_identifier"

ezFlow block override in function of "class_identifier"

Saturday 10 July 2010 3:15:38 am - 1 reply


I made a "little" mistake while "designing" my website, and then I have the eZFlow functions runing on different type of content (frontpage, and other).

The blocks are quite the same in each objects, but with little differences in the way blocks items are displayed. So I am wondering If I can do some tempalte override of blocks and block items based on the class_identifier which contains this block. Hope I am clear enough.
It would save me a lot, as I would not have to change my object and content tree settings.

Nico O

Wednesday 14 September 2011 8:00:47 pm

As far as I've checked it isn't possible.

As far as I understand, that wouldn't make sense, as it is possible to handle several entries in one block. You have to go through the block.valid_nodes array and use node_view_gui to give back the handling to the template engine.


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