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EZP 4.0 ezflow installation and demo contents not in tree...

EZP 4.0 ezflow installation and demo contents not in tree...

Tuesday 25 March 2008 7:37:12 pm - 4 replies

Hi dears ezpublishers !

I'm trying to discover the ezflow blocks capabilites, so I have made a new 4.0 install and choosed the ezflow package.

The problem is that the ezflow_democontent package appears as installed in the administration interface (setup tab=>packages) but I haven't any demo objects in my tree...

Is it normal ?

... I admit that I'm a little lost with this new ezflow !

Wednesday 26 March 2008 4:19:16 pm

Hi S├ębastien,
I had the same problem, so probably it's normal blunk.gif Emoticon
Try one more thime to install eZp with ezflow package, it was help me.

Wednesday 26 March 2008 5:38:45 pm

Yet I have already made two installations !

I am going to install it again to see.

Thanks for your help !

Friday 04 April 2008 8:08:55 am

Else, you can import the content object directly :

Go in the admin interface > Setup > Package > Import and upload the file ezflow_demo_content.ezpkg

It will work.

But it's strange, because if you make a web install, you would have those objects already created.

Friday 04 April 2008 9:38:58 am

Yes, it's very strange but I made 4 or 5 new installs and the result was the same !

Finally, I have made a plain_site installation and then I have imported manually the extension package (demo content was no necessary because I learned ezflow with the documentation).

In all cases, thanks for your answer !


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