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How to make work a swf flash in ez publish

How to make work a swf flash in ez publish

Monday 12 May 2008 4:57:25 pm

Hi there everyone

I'm trying to place a swf flash file in my ez publish site but i just can put swf files. I already read the ez publish manual but i can´t find anything that explain me that, maybe ez publish don´t let us put swf files i guess!!! Mi idea was to make an animated infograf, but with flv files it wont allow the user to interact with the flash object like the swf files allow us, as you know, for example, put some buttons to display new info when we press that button or simply display more info in some active areas of a picture with the simple mouse over.
I really appreciate some help. I´m a student and me and my teem depend on it to finalize the final project of the graduation in journalism.
Tanks everyone, i will wait for some help, please

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