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How to replace root "Content" with a 'frontpage' objet ?

How to replace root "Content" with a 'frontpage' objet ?

Wednesday 30 July 2008 12:59:37 pm - 7 replies


I have a ezp install with a root folder.

How can i replace this root node with frontpage object i just created - for now as a child of this root "Content" folder.

This i really a problem in ezp not being able to manipulate objects having parent-node-id = 1.

Would be a great help to be able to create an object with depth = 0

Wednesday 30 July 2008 1:31:46 pm

I think you must change it in database

firstly, import the class "frontpage".
if you have it by default, the class ID is 23

Then, use phpmyadmin, in table ezcontentobject_tree find the contentobject_id of the node_id 2. by default is 57

do (before this, please backup the database.)

update ezcontentobject set contentclass_id = 23 where id =57;


delete from ezcontentobject_attribute where contentobject_id = 57;

In the BO, delete the vache view node 2, and edit it, add a new version

normally, it's in frontpage.

Good luck

Modified on Wednesday 30 July 2008 1:32:48 pm by Bin LIU

Wednesday 30 July 2008 6:39:25 pm

Or just use context menu - swap object!

Saturday 16 August 2008 10:54:27 am


In eZ publish serie 4.x, you have to type

UPDATE `ezcontentobject` SET `contentclass_id` = '23' WHERE `ezcontentobject`.`id` =1 LIMIT 1 ;

where folder is class 1 and frontpage class 23

Saturday 16 August 2008 10:56:08 am

In eZ 4.x you have to use
UPDATE `ezcontentobject` SET `contentclass_id` = '23' WHERE `ezcontentobject`.`id` =1 LIMIT 1 ;

Tuesday 26 August 2008 2:47:03 pm

Did a "UPDATE..." in mySQL. The content root now is listed as a "Frontpage" and not a "Folder". My problem is that it still only shows Folder-attributes, and not any Frontpage attributes as "Banner" etc. I allso have emptyed all caches. What am I doing wrong here?

Wednesday 27 August 2008 10:05:36 am

Hi Marius,

I think you hadn't delete the contentobject_attribute. if you delete it, il will recreate the new attributes as a frontpage

Saturday 30 August 2008 11:05:50 am

Thanks, would believe that it would do the trick. However did I just use Gaetano Giunta's swap object tip to work around the problem. (Didn't know that you had to left click the icon to acess the context menu - new world opened ).

Anyways, problem solved! Thanks!


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