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How to upgrade from ezflow 1.0-2 to 1.0-3 ?

How to upgrade from ezflow 1.0-2 to 1.0-3 ?

Tuesday 28 April 2009 1:15:08 pm - 1 reply

We want to limit the number of Tags presented by


template operator :


It seems like we need to upgrade to ezflow 1.0-3 in order to solve this problem,

I haven't found documentation on how to upgrade ezflow from 1.0-2 to 1.0-3 ?

I need help , how to upgrade ezflow 1.0-2 to 1.0-3 ? ,

Is it as simple as installing the new package, and uninstalling the old one ?

<b>NOTE: ezflow 1.1-0 has the script ezflowupgrade.php to do it, but it is missing in ezflow 1.0-2</b>

Tuesday 28 April 2009 5:54:39 pm

Hi all,

Finally we solve the problem without upgrading ezflow,


is part of ezwebin extension, we installed the fixed ezwebin version 1.3-2 from svn , then override eztagcloud template in ezflow , adding parameters to limit and sort the output


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