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Item in queue - unable to "store" modified publication date

Item in queue - unable to "store" modified publication date

Thursday 27 June 2013 11:31:26 am


I would like to confirm if my problem is a bug, limitation or maybe I'm doing sth wrong. Let me describe:

I've got ezpage attribute with block manual items. Rotation is set to 0, so when I add new items, I can set "publication" date. Everything is fine, when I work on just added items.

Problem begins, when I already had items with some future date in queue, in published object. Now I edit such block and try to change publication date (ts_publication) and I click "store", date will be lost -> will be set previous again. As far I checked data are loaded by getWaitingItems() method, which takes date from ezm_pool db table, which doesn't contain draft data.

Is above intended behaviour ? I think that when loading draft in edit mode, data should be loaded from attribute data_text instead (where probably correct value is stored). If I'm correct, I will open ticket in Jira, on other way please correct me.

Thanks in advance

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