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Manual block is faster then dynamic block . Is it true?

Manual block is faster then dynamic block . Is it true?

Saturday 02 October 2010 11:07:54 am - 2 replies

I have noticed many times that when enable debug dynamic blocks takes lot of time in fetching data from db than manual block. can anybody point me some deeper knowledge will be a help

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Monday 17 October 2011 11:03:34 pm

Look at the definition of the blocks in the block ini. All automatic blocks are based on a flow fetch (look in ezflow/classes/fetches). And this fetches are mostly all subtree-fetches at API level. Subtree fetches generate big SQL queries and cost more ressources than fetching objects directly via object id.

So if you add manually items, you know the object id's and you do not have to search the "newest" one in a defined source (subtree).

Thursday 12 April 2012 4:52:25 am

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