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Multimediacarousel with image not loaded problem in IEs

Multimediacarousel with image not loaded problem in IEs

Saturday 16 January 2010 1:54:40 pm


the multimedia carousel functionality in ezflow has the same problem as when using common ajax requests for images, say in a gallery. The images are loaded when user loads the page, and then after hitting next/previous links, no images are returned into the page. Instead of image, there is a blank space with exact dimensions as requested image, but picture is not shown. Problem exist in IE5, IE6, IE7, IE8. Working fine in ff (under linux, win, mac), opera (under linux, win), chrome (under linux, win), safari (under mac, win). Cache problems ruled out, gallery pages have headers Cache-Control and Pragma set to no-cache value. The same with common ajax calls (not with yui3 and ezjscore func.) even when setting manually request headers or using timestamp in request url to avoid caching.

Anyone got idea what happens there and why? Help is appreciated.


PS: Forgot to write, sorry: ezp 4.2; latest stables ezwebin, ezflow;

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