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"Pay per view" in Ez-flow

"Pay per view" in Ez-flow

Wednesday 23 April 2008 5:17:41 am - 4 replies

This is mentioned in a number of places but I can not find any detail of how to do this.
1. Is there anyone that has set this up?
2. Subscription access is another requirement. Can see how I could do this by permissions set on member areas but need to automate the suscription as though it is a product and the customer simply chooses their desired level and/or time of subscription and the period of subscription is handled by the system. Any suggestions?

Wednesday 23 April 2008 8:34:46 am

I have already done that but it was a specific development.
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And I don't know if it is a feature of eZP.

Wednesday 23 April 2008 9:16:01 am


Would it be possible for you to share some details of the implementation? General things - is that for eZ Flow only or for eZ content in general? Did you use some dynamic role assignments or some other, dedicated method? That would be great.


Wednesday 23 April 2008 9:32:20 am

Thanks Maxime, have the red5 part of your blog working to the same point that you have and was looking for the next step to stream the content that is currently being recorded to the website.

Wednesday 23 April 2008 9:25:36 pm

Hi Piotrek,

It was a specific development for eZ 3.8.x as far as I remember.
We have implemented a custom table in which we put an authentication key and a user id when the user has bought the movie.
Then, the movie appeared in his list of movie available and if clicked, he can watch it.
If he tried to access it directly, he gets an error message and we redirect him to a know page, homepage.

To be sure that the movie has been watched by an authorized customer, we implemented a kind of client / server service :
- all links for videos were at video.server/auth.php?file=id&key=key&userid=userid
- the server checked the key and the userid in
- the server then responded by sending the file or false.

In the template, client side, we have implemented an operator which gets the key of the video the customer would like to watch and generate the right url.

As it was in a custom module, we implemented some classic "Functions" policies.

That's all.

If you would like to make a pay per view mecanism you just have to remove the key from the custom table.

Easy ?


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