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Problem with ezflow and templates

Problem with ezflow and templates

Sunday 06 April 2008 8:07:17 pm


I'm trying to add ezflow to an existing EZP 4.0, but I don't have a correct behaviour with layouts.

I have followed these steps :

- Installation of the extension package for ezflow
- runned the mysql script to create tables
- created a mysite_home class who just have one attribute : an layout datatype
- made the zone definition for my homepage in block.ini
- create the template layout (mylayout1.tpl) and place it under the templates/zone folder of my design
- made an instance named "home" of mysite_home class under the root folder
- edit this instance to manage blocks

The problem is that when I access the "home" node, my mylayout1.tpl is successfully loaded BUT design/standard/templates/node/view/full.tpl is loaded prior !
So I get the assistant message who tell me to made an override : "Vue par défaut de l'objet. Cliquez pour créer un template personnalisé, ID du Noeud : 88, ID de l'objet: 94"

Is there something I missed ?

Thanks in advance !

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