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RedirectIfDiscarded causing 404 with the latest stable

RedirectIfDiscarded causing 404 with the latest stable

Monday 11 January 2010 12:29:55 pm


with latest merges for ezflow (and ezwebin) I see in frontpage edit override template (ezflow) and also in default edit template in ezwebin there is change in value for RedirectIfDescarded hidden variable, the third param is added into ezhttp() operator with value true(), and this causes operator to return boolean as value for RedirectIfDescarded. As result, during edit from public part of the site, redirection on discard puts you in url of the sort something1/something2/1 or something1/something2/0, where 1 and 0 are the interpreted booleans returned from ezhttp(). This ofcourse gives 404.

Am I in the wrong here, I missed something, or this has a purpose?



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