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Runaway zones

Runaway zones

Tuesday 15 September 2009 11:21:30 am - 2 replies

Hi all!

I'm doing an upgrade on a system and all seems to work well apart from flow. I get the follow message:

<i>The total number of zones in the new layout is less than the number of zones in the previous layout. Therefore, you must map the previous zones to new zones. Unmapped zones will be removed!</i>

Any advice?

Tuesday 15 September 2009 11:43:22 am

Hi Felix,

This looks like re-write rules issue. Did you update it? It is mention in the eZ Flow 1.1 doc and upgrade procedures.

Friday 09 October 2009 4:41:35 pm


I a have a similar problem after update to v4.2. The blocks are visible in admin preview also in public siteaccess, so they do exist. But when i start to edit the frontpage i see only the thumbnails of the zones, no tabs, no blocks.... nothing. Also if i select a zone and press 'Select', the page is reloaded without any change. Thus i can't see the current blocks, nor i can create new ones.

The rewrite rule from upgrade procedure is present in my conf file:

Rewriterule ^/extension/[^/]+/design/[^/]+/(stylesheets|flash|images|lib|javascripts?)/.* - [L]

Another problem that might be related is that i cannot import vie admin interface the ezjscore_extension.ezpkg. I can import and install all other packages mentioned here but this one i can't. When i press import, the page is reloaded without any change agian to import view.



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