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[Solved] Lost all blocks

[Solved] Lost all blocks

Tuesday 09 February 2016 9:31:15 am - 2 replies

Hello everyone,


I started last week for my internship to use eZ publish (Community Project 2014.11), it’s the first time I use this CMS and I’m having a few trouble with eZ flow and the blocks particular.

So, I was trying all the modules and extensions available with the demo package (especially ez flow and ez online editor), createng all the different blocks (Campain, Main story, content grid hightlighted items etc…) to show all the possibilities with eZ publish for a client. After some issues with the database, I reinstate eZ publish on the company web server, but there were no more blocks available, only one ‘Mon premier bloc” (my first block in French) but it was useless. I look at ‘block.ini.append.php’ in ‘ezpublish_legacy/settings/override/’ and this is what I had:













CustomAttributeNames[hide_smartphone]=Cacher sur smartphone



CustomAttributeNames[hide_tablet]=Cacher sur Tablette



I tried to empty the database  and redo the installation on eZ publish, I also tried to see if I could find the ‘code’ of the originals blocks, but I had nothing, now I’m just exploring the folders of ezpublish_legacy hoping I can find something. If you guys know why the blocks ‘disappeared’ or how I can have back the blocks, thanks in advance.

Modified on Tuesday 09 February 2016 5:05:01 pm by Jean-Baptiste Pailhon

Tuesday 09 February 2016 4:51:36 pm

Looks like you're resetting the list of block types here:


If you remove that line, you'll be appending to the list of existing blocks, so then you should see the blocks that come with the eZ extensions.

Tuesday 09 February 2016 5:04:25 pm

Thank you very much peter, every thing work again. happy.gif Emoticon


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