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eZ Image Editor - Cannot See Thumbnail and Edit Results

eZ Image Editor - Cannot See Thumbnail and Edit Results

Tuesday 16 November 2010 4:22:55 am - 2 replies


I have recently installed eZ Publish 4.4, and I am having a problem with using eZ Image Editor. When I launch EZIE to edit an image, the thumbnail image is broken. I can see the original image initially, but as soon as I perform an editing operation on the image, the updated image also becomes broken.

I traced the problem to what seems like incorrect permissions. For example, when I try to open the thumbnail image by itself, I get a 403 Forbidden message. When I looked at the file in the corresponding folder (var/site/cache/public/ezie/14/207-2/thumb-0-image.jpg), the permissions are set to "-rw-------" or 0600 in Unix terms. This is why I cannot access the image in my browser - EZIE seems to be defaulting to 0600 permissions for generated images. The original image file has 0666 permissions, and I can view it just fine.

Can anyone advise on why this is happening? Is there something specific to my setup that I'm not aware of? I performed a normal installation on an Apache server.

Thank you,


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Wednesday 21 September 2011 6:56:29 pm

I have not been able to fix the problem. Can anyone help?

Wednesday 05 October 2011 7:47:31 pm

Well, after a couple of days of digging into the code, I think I have found the problem. The EZC image transformation class (lib/ezc/ImageConversion/src/transformation.php) was not setting any permissions on the file that it was creating. The fix is to add one single line right at the end of the transform() function, like so:

if ( @rename( $fileTmp, $fileOut ) === false )
        unlink( $fileTmp );
        throw new ezcImageFileNotProcessableException( $fileOut, "The temporary file {$fileTmp} could not be renamed to {$fileOut}." );
eZImageHandler::changeFilePermissions( $fileOut );

I hope this helps someone!

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