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eZ-newsletter compatibility?

eZ-newsletter compatibility?

Wednesday 13 October 2010 4:21:23 pm - 2 replies

Hello everybody!!

I would like to know the compatibility of eZ-newsletter? I know that the extension is compatible with 4.0, but 4.1, 4.2, etc ? I ask that because I install the extension on two eZ-publish and with the 4.2 I have no soucy, but with the 4.3 I have big problems whith my TopAdminMenu.

Thank you in advance


Les clefs du net

Wednesday 13 October 2010 4:31:21 pm

Hi Romain, and welcome to the eZ Community !

I suggest you start off with this : which will soon be certified by eZ, and work as a permanent replacement for the former eZ Newsletter extension. I guess you are starting a new project on a 4.4 (Fuji) version, aren't you ?


Thursday 14 October 2010 9:54:09 am

Thanks Nicolas for your answer.

I choose eZ-newsletter because I found more documentations concerning it. I work on a project who has developped in eZ-publish 4.2. And I have deployed on my computer a 4.3 eZ-publish version for doing my tests.

That is why I ask the compatibility of eZ-newsletters. But I think I will take cjw_newsletter extension which is compatible > 4.0.1.

Thanks for your advice.


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