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How to interrupt a eznewseller already published

How to interrupt a eznewseller already published

Thursday 20 November 2008 4:46:30 pm - 1 reply

Simple question, I try to find answer in the documentation and forum without success.

I had made and published my newsletter issue, then I found that I just call my boss.....donkey. How can I prevent to send it in the time that the cronjob will be executed. I manage in the editor interface in the newsletter / in progress to delete the newsletter, but I still receive an empty mail.

Best regards

Friday 21 November 2008 4:23:42 pm

I manage by doing this:

In the editor site, i went to the newsletter/in progree menu and delete the newsletter that I just sended to publish.

After I went to mysql, and with object id, from the removed newsletter, I remove the corresponding line on the table "eznewsletter" the cron will check this table to send the newsletter, so by removing the line I avoid the mail sending.

I cannot believe that this is the only way of doing it, but by myself was to only one I found.

Best regards
Pierre Tissot


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