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More instal trouble: Layout and Newsletter Setup Pages empty

More instal trouble: Layout and Newsletter Setup Pages empty

Friday 05 June 2009 12:16:35 pm - 2 replies

Dear all,

I continued the installation using the eZ Newsletter 1.5.3 (Setup guide Appendix B) setup, leaving out the steps I didn't comprehend, hoping that I would be lucky and that everything would work..
specifically, I skipped step 5. ("Assign imported objects to newsletter sections"blunk.gif Emoticon, am still confused about the numbers (7,8, and 9) in step 4. ("create newsletter related sections in admin"blunk.gif Emoticon and were at a loss at "create and modify settings" step 4 "in newsletter_building extension" since I don't know the numbers to enter there (i.e. I don't have classes for newsletter issue other topics, for newsletter article image, etc.)

Now: The tabs are there. But the pages for Layout (which directs me to /index.php/content/edit/54/3/ger-DE) and for Newsletter Configuration (which gives me error message that the page can't be shown as I were either lacking the privileges or tthe page at /index.php/newsletter_setup/general was not there) are empty.

What am I going to do to solve this and get ez Newsletter installed correctly, please?
Your help much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Friday 05 June 2009 1:01:25 pm

the same when I click on the topics tab.

I now found, in menu.ini in extenseion/eznewsletter_builder/settings, the following entries:



None of those URL exists.
How do I get them, or what is the correct setting here, please?


Modified on Friday 05 June 2009 1:01:43 pm by Rainer Krauss

Tuesday 23 June 2009 3:00:21 pm

It's been a while since I've used eZ Newsletter but having a look back over notes I made at the time I just removed the Topmenu_content part of menu.ini as it just seemed to cause more confusion than any editor needed. The newsletter_setup/general is part of the extension so you won't need to change that.

The newsletter sections are needed so that template overrides and user permissions can be assigned to the articles.

If you think it would help I could paste in the notes I made although they might be streamlined to how I used newsletter and not be suitable for you.


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