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eZ Publish 4.3.0 + eZ Approve 2

eZ Publish 4.3.0 + eZ Approve 2

Tuesday 12 October 2010 11:27:56 am - 3 replies

I've just installed the extension eZApprove2 on my eZ Publish 4.3.0
I meet some troubles to set up and configure workflows.
Here is below the bug I'm facing:
Workflow creation:
. I create a new workflow --> OK;
. And then, for this workflow, I add a new event "event/approve2" --> OK;
When I try to configure the event:
. I can add pre-selected approvers (users and/or groups) --> OK;
. I can configure "Users select approvers themselves" parameters --> OK;
. Whatever the selected section(s) in the "Affected sections" area, they ARE NOT saved in the config... I save the workflow and I get back to it, the selected sections are losed !
. I don't see "Language" section (as in original event/approve): is it normal ?
. I don't see "Versions" section (as in original event/approve): is it normal ?
Regarding the "affected sections" parameters which are not saved, here is what I see in the database ("ezx_approve2_event" table), "selects_sections" column: ",,,,,,,,,,,," (section names are missing)
Please help.

Tuesday 12 October 2010 12:46:29 pm

Some more info:

. The extension "ezapprove2" I've installed is v0.8 and comes from:

There was no package no download, thus I used the SVN:
(it seems to be compatible for 3.X only, that might be the reason why it's bugged for my 4.3.0)
And now, I see there is another extension "ezapprove2_for_4_1", v0.9, and comes from:

. The SVN repository is empty:
. And the package to download is mentioned to be stable, I read somewhere else it is in beta...
. Some pages mention it works for all 4.x, another page pentions it will not work for 4.2 and later...
I'm a bit lost...

Tuesday 12 October 2010 7:44:45 pm seems to be the same like

think its ok, but u have to change it a little bit...

in module.ini.append.php there must be ModuleList[]=ezapprove2 for example, can't remember what u still need to change.

Modified on Tuesday 12 October 2010 8:06:46 pm by scrieler _

Tuesday 12 October 2010 8:12:52 pm

Yes, I had seen "ModuleList[]=ezapprove2" needed to be added, because "ExtensionRepositories[]=ezapprove2" is not enough.

And then, you have to give access to "ezapprove2" module role/policy to users.

Another hint:

There is a bug in the "affected section" template.
The solution is here:

Thank you.


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