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ez Publish - Sugar CRM (Bridge)

ez Publish - Sugar CRM (Bridge)

Monday 29 December 2008 1:13:03 pm - 6 replies

Hi All,

I'm interested in building up a bridge from ez Publish to sugar CRM or vice versa. Thinking of having e.g. customer classes in ez Publish which belong to an "owner" equals my contact who I'd like to keep in sugar CRM. The idea is to link automatically added customer classes from ez Publish to contact/lead in sugar CRM.

However, does anyone have any experience with bridging ez Publish to sugarCRM and therefore experience I might learn from?


Monday 29 December 2008 1:26:36 pm

Hello Anita,

It seems like some software [1]
has been created to fill the needs
of sugarcrm and ezpublish projects.

While others were planning together
to create additional functional works. [5]

[1] <i></i>
[2] <i></i>
[3] <i></i>
[4] <i></i>
[5] <i></i>
[6] <i></i>


Modified on Monday 29 December 2008 1:33:43 pm by // Heath

Monday 29 December 2008 4:04:19 pm

Thanks a lot, Heath.

I had a look on the Bridge from buildcms. Then I was struggeling with different ideas whether an integration should be done

- from ez Publish to sugar or sugar to ez Publish and/or
- with library or directly on DB level, eg. with triggers

However, as I just started with sugar (actually today) and still am a newbe to ez Publish I'll need to put in more thoughts. Anyhow if you've got an advise I'm more than happy.

What I want to achieve:

- custom classes brought up in ez Publish, e.g a product, belong to a contact.
- the contact administration I'd like to do in sugarCRM
- therefore I would like to push the instances of my ezPublish classes into the sugarCRM
and therein link it with the respective contact (one contact could have many products)
The product information in sugar is only meant for reading purposes (one way pushing data:
always from ez Publish -> sugar
- However, having said that I could easily think about a full integration as a phase two...

So, not sure whether I succeeded in making clear what I wonna achieve but would be happy to receive any thought, advise, idea, example....

Thanks a lot

Monday 29 December 2008 4:08:07 pm

I just now noticed to find a project
which also provides related SugarCRM


The above extension provides a simple
contact datatype which provides a relation list
of sugar crm contacts and stores a selection
of one or many.

This datatype can be added to any class like product,
which sounded like part of what you were
looking to add to your ez installation.

(eZ <- Sugar) One might consider creating a library
which provides for reading of information
via soap from sugar.

(eZ -> Sugar) I don't know offhand
if their soap api provides for writing information
if so you might just want to go with soap for writes as well to sugar.

(Sugar <- eZ) I would avoid sql when working with the eZ db
and use the ez php api instead to fetch information through php say from a sugar module.


Modified on Monday 29 December 2008 4:40:11 pm by // Heath

Monday 29 December 2008 4:44:42 pm

Some development required in any case to end up with the polished solution you describe even using the available software solutions as a basis.

Monday 29 December 2008 4:57:36 pm

sounds like a good starting pointblunk.gif Emoticon, downloaded the soap interface...

Thanks a lot for your support, Heath.
Will digg into it and ok, drop the idea of triggers blunk.gif Emoticon ...


Wednesday 17 February 2010 6:43:44 am


Any update regarding this issue?

Thank you



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