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Tuesday 10 September 2013 9:38:56 pm - 3 replies

I am trying to setup this extension and I have it part way working however I am getting an error when it tries to process the ezcustomshopaccounthandler.php file it needs ezxml which is not included which does not seem to be installed on ezpublish 4.7 is there a newer version of ezauthoirze that doesnt not require ezxml or has someone come up with a work around for this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Tuesday 10 September 2013 11:40:13 pm

Hello Luke,

Make sure you are getting your code from the very latest available on GitHub:

The older downloadable compressed packages are for the much older versions of eZ Publish.

EDIT: Also the bug you mention is fixed in the GitHub edition of eZ Authorize.

EDIT #2: You can quickly download the code from GitHub using their download as zip feature here:

I hope this helps ...


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Friday 13 September 2013 4:14:47 pm

I got the github version but the issue I was having still seems to be present when using the ezcustomshopaccounthandler the accountInformation function is makeing a reference to 

$xml = new eZXML();

This is causing an error as ezPublish 4.7 does not have ezXML installed. 


I tried to download a copy of ezxml to install but I'm not having very much luck with that.

Modified on Friday 13 September 2013 4:24:03 pm by Luke Konecki

Friday 13 September 2013 7:03:57 pm

Hello Luke,

I see what you mean. sorry for the troubles.

This extension has not been tested / updated in quite some time.

The extension (currently) is looking to load eZXML library from 'lib/ezxml/classes/ezxml.php' you could install an older copy there.

You could download a copy from within an older version:

Alternatively you could migrate the code to php5 dom usage instead. This page might help:

I hope this helps.


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