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ezcomments 1.3.0-dev and wrong language_id

ezcomments 1.3.0-dev and wrong language_id

Wednesday 05 October 2011 12:29:09 pm - 12 replies

I am using eZ Publish version 2011.9 with eZ Comments ver. 1.3.0-dev. I have a problem wiht fetching all comments for object.
When a user add a comment in ezcomment tabel everything looks fine. The language_id column has value set to 2, status 1 and correct content object id.
I can't figure out why for same objects in my installation eZ Publish show comments and for some doesn't. I see in Debug output, that for some object, SQL debug output build query with language_id = 2 (this is correct) and for another language_id =3 (it doesn't work).
I have only one language in my installation and ezcomment table has correct value. Could you help me and tell me why for some object ezcomment build query with wrong language_id?

Wednesday 05 October 2011 1:56:18 pm

Hello Pit,

Can you select ezcontent_language table to get language whose id=3? (select * from ezcontent_language where id=3)

Wednesday 05 October 2011 2:04:59 pm

Hi Chen,

My ezcontent_language tabel has anly one row:

disabled = 0
id =2

Wednesday 05 October 2011 6:09:22 pm

It's really weird. Can you put debug code into ezcomments/classes/ezcomcomment.php, and see the output in language_id=3 page?

like this:

function fetchByContentObjectID( ... )


eZDebug::writeError( '*******language ID: ' . $languageID );




Wednesday 05 October 2011 8:12:05 pm

Your idea is good happy.gif Emoticon The debug output is:

*******language ID: 3

So, the next question is, why eZ Publish return wrong languageID?

This object (which has a comment) in ezcontentobject tabel has initial_language_id = 2 and language_mask =3. I don't know why but some of my objects have language_mask equal 2 and some of them 3.

Modified on Wednesday 05 October 2011 8:39:58 pm by Pit W.

Thursday 06 October 2011 5:47:34 am

This languageid is from attribute, which is from the object.

I think I got some clue, if you "select * from ezcontentobject where language_mask=3" you will get some object, even if you only have one language..

Thursday 06 October 2011 9:42:41 am

Chen, You're right. Your query returns 49 objects. All of them have initial_language_id = 2 and language_mask = 3.

I'm not an eZ Publish developer yet and I don't know what is diferent between language_id and language_mask. Actually I don't understand why the fetch function for comments does not show comment for my object if his language_id is set to 2.

Could you explain me that?


Thursday 06 October 2011 4:01:29 pm

Hello Pit,

I think this is a bug.

language_mask equals 3 when the class's language is one and "always_available" attribute(in admin user interface it's called "Default object availability"blunk.gif Emoticon is true.



Thursday 06 October 2011 4:25:22 pm

Proposed fix:

Replace design/standard/templates/content/datatype/view/ezcomcomments.tpl line 13

{def $language_id = $attribute.language_id}


{def $language_id = $}

Friday 07 October 2011 10:39:16 am

Chen, once again thanks happy.gif Emoticon

Unfortunatly new variable $ has the same value - equale 3 instead 2.

If I set:

{def $language_id = 2}

it works :/

Wednesday 09 November 2011 8:14:58 pm

This is a bug I am getting as well. Instead of: 

{def $language_id = $} 

Which doesn't work, I did:

{def $language_id = $}

This way I get all the comments for the current language id. Works great! Although this should be addressed by eZ.

Monday 11 February 2013 6:56:45 pm

@Chen: Why is not eZComments on Github updated with Tylers fix?

{def $contentobject = $attribute.object}
{def $language_id = $attribute.language_id}
{def $language_code = $attribute.language_code}

Modified on Monday 11 February 2013 6:58:10 pm by Gerhard Sletten

Monday 11 February 2013 7:12:38 pm


Sorry my fault to not push the fix(forgot). I will review this and push it this week(added to my todolist..).

Thanks for this.


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