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ezdemo + left_menu + extra_menu

Monday 28 May 2012 1:34:53 pm - 3 replies

Hi all,

I installed the ezdemo extension with ezcommunity 2012.04. I then added a class called global_layout in order to provide content for the right column. I then overwrote the landing_page.tpl using

 {set scope=global persistent_variable=hash('left_menu', true(),
                                            'extra_menu', true())}

in order to get left and right columns. Then span css calls for blocks are being adjusted for left_menu and extra_menu being enabled. In ezpagedata.php the column size for $inner_column_size and $outer_column_size seems to be determined. These variables in pagelayout.tpl show values of


Thus the span arguments are set well for a total sum of 3+6+3 = 12. Further down within the ezpage view though span arguments of 12 are being used, so the layout gets tangled. I though to use the variables $inner_column_size and $outer_column_size within ezpage view templates, but the variable is being set back to $inner_column_size=12. I overwrote ezpage.tpl and called

 {def $pagedata        = ezpagedata()
      $inner_column_size = $pagedata.inner_column_size
      $outer_column_size = $pagedata.outer_column_size}

This works well for the extra_menu, but for the main content the variables $inner_column_size is set back to 12 again. Since I did not quite well understand the call order of templates and the variable namespaces I left it there. Is there anybody who could give me a hint concerning using an ezpagedata variable throughout all ezpage blocks?

Best wishes from Abidjan


Monday 11 June 2012 10:07:55 am

sounds for me you got problems with the view cache?!

Sunday 17 June 2012 5:17:32 pm

Thanks for the reply,

I do not know about caches. I overwrote ViewCaching in ContentSettings and the problem occurs in both modes enabled or disabled does not matter. I am not sure whether I have now sufficently excluded this potential source of error.

Best wishes from Bamako


Sunday 17 June 2012 5:44:46 pm

Just found something to report. When I place something like

 {ezpagedata_set( 'inner_column_size', $inner_column_size)}

in landing_page.tpl the values for all zones using the above overwrite for ezpage.tpl show all the same and correct values. As soon as I remove ezpagedata_set the values are reset, meaning that different zones show different values for column sizes. I am not sure that this behaviour is logical.

Best wishes



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