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eZFind 2.7 Autocomplete issue(s)

eZFind 2.7 Autocomplete issue(s)

Friday 17 July 2015 11:32:07 am - 2 replies

At first... thanks for this beautiful extension. happy.gif Emoticon


I think there is a minor issue with the autocomplete method where facet.field is limited to a unique value/field (using eZFind 2.7, but similar issue for oldier releases and not yet checked for eZ5...)

It looks like I'm not alone with this issue here:


I read the doc and I thought it was possible to use the SolrParams settings like described  here: 

"This is done with the settings Limit andSolrParams."


But in fact I found this SolrParams is no more used like described here:

"Note: The SolrParams setting does not makes part of the ini configurations anymore, since it was deprecated and has been included directly in the code, in the ezfindservercallfunctions.php file."


What would be the best practice to use more facets for the autocompletation or/and customize autocomplete params ? I don't want to hack the ezfindservercallfunctions.php file.
Thanks for your help. happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 17 July 2015 1:25:32 pm

I will use the Kernel override features like it seems to work fine. Didn't find a better way...
I hope it will help other users with similar issues.

There is only the official documentation issue on to fix about the solrParams

Wednesday 22 July 2015 6:21:00 pm

Thanks for providing this feedback Laurent! I'll see if we can change the documentation.


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