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eZFind and change visibility of nodes

eZFind and change visibility of nodes

Tuesday 03 February 2015 6:24:00 pm

Hi there. Actually when you hide/unhide a node in your administration interface, that node is indexed in solr and solr can know if the object is hidden/unhidden

but as you know, with their children is another case. Instead of reindex the subchildren an action is inserted in the pending actions table and a cron will take care of doing the reindex of the children. 

Obviously this prevents that a big number of objects will be reindexed on the fly but has some unwanted effects at least for me. 

The obvious one is those objects that haven't been reindexed until the cron passes, are appearing in my search. Clicking to see their details and i get errors because the node is hidden. So, at those moments, those nodes are hidden for the database but not for Solr.

So, imho, we still should the devs decide if they want to reindex all childrens on the fly or they prefer deferring this work to cron as it is know... 

What do you think?

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